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Hello Readers! Issue No.5 is out now and we cannot wait for you to read it. Peer into the stories and livelihood of individuals identities and how they are currently navigating the path they are choosing for themselves. All featured here in Issue No.5.

What traits do you choose for yourself? How you identify? What is your personal branding?

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GAWSY all started through a prophecy, turned into a dream. That is now a reality. I was at church one Sunday and my Apostle told me that God saw me in the writing field. I enjoy writing and expressing myself through journalism and  one night I had a dream about creating a magazine. Thus GAWSY was created! Now, the name GAWSY came through the Word of the Day and the definition was 'well dressed and of cheerful appearance'.I thought to myself "I could use this definition in relation to youth finding self-love" and from there it became my mission. ​

Through creating GAWSY I wanted to create a magazine that expounded upon youth finding Self-love and sharing that love with others. We live in a world where society tells us to dress this way this, that way or look like this and it ultimately ends up destroying the confidence and love one was destined to have. Through having the outlet and medium of GAWSY, our mission is to restore and renew the self-love in teens and young adults.

We want to help others find the confidence and self-love that they are entitled to. We hope that readers are encouraged and learn through personal stories, testimonials and tips that they are powerful. You have all the resources you need to speak life to yourselves and to others!

-Brielle Gines, CEO

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