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"Gawsy, thank you for creating a magazine that encourages, empowers, and expands the reach throughout the community. Congratulations on a successful publication.Blessings and Abundance."

Rochinda Pickens/ CEO, Founder Kept Woman of God, MO

"I really love everything about the magazine! From how it features local black businesses and speaks out on ongoing issues in our world today. Every page is something new, interesting, and influential".

Sophia Rapp, MO

"GAWSY's Magazine is a very inspirational and helping magazine to the whole community and city of where it might be seen or purchased. It shows different aspects of life from different people's point of view. It also has a very big range of insight or text to read and see from cooking to music and world wide issues that are going on. All in all, GAWSY's a great magazine for a great price and everyone should check it out".

J.T. Noah, MO

"I absolutely love Gawsy magazine and the impact it's making on youth. From empowering stories of overcoming low self-esteem, to sharing thoughts on Black Lives Matter, Gawsy is something that we need. I'll be a lifelong support".

Stephanie Bauchaum, DTX

"At first glance, I was already intrigues: the graphic design was nothing I've ever seen before-really chic. The content always kept me interested; I'm 19 and the topics discussed can keep any age interested".

Alicia Atkinson, MO

GAWSY Impact: Testimonials
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